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Adelaide Dawn

  1. City Bridge dawn

    The City Bridge connects Adelaide city with North Adelaide over the Torrens River. When the city was first settled, the Torrens wa…

  2. Adelaide's dawn skyline from Montefiore Hil

    Adelaide city skyline on a chilly winter's morning. The white roof of the Festival centre is visible in a scene dominated by the…

  3. Overlooking Light overlooking Adelaide

    Legend has it that the first surveyor-general of Adelaide, Colonel William Light stood on Montefiore Hill in 1837, pointed at what…

  4. Colonel William Light's statue from the parklands below

    Colonel William Light's statue from the parklands below. Light envisioned a city surrounded by public parkands that formed a gree…

  5. Montifore Hill - Looking East at Dawn

  6. Small Grecian Temple - Torrens River Garden

  7. Festival Centre at Dawn

  8. Col. Light with gracious manor houses

  9. Grecian temple - Torrens River Parlands

  10. Monitfiore Hill looking down on the Adelaide Cricket Ground

  11. Torrens River Fountain

  12. Park in North Adelaide

  13. Gracious Manor Houses and Cathedral Spires

  14. Adelaid skyline in late dawn light

  15. Moonset over Adelaide Ovel bleechers

  16. Col Light - dawn silhouette

  17. Tree frames Col Light staue

  18. Dawn over North Adelaide parklands

  19. Adelaid Skyline - Montifiore Hill

  20. Fig tree foreground

  21. lightWithStarburstSun004.jpg

  22. lightFromBehind-Ws002.jpg

  23. festivalCenterWIthBlackSwans.jpg

  24. lightWithCloud-mWs002.jpg

  25. lightWithStarburstSun003.jpg

  26. lightWithStarburstSun002.jpg

  27. cathedralAndHospital-fromFront-ws.jpg

  28. cathedralAndHospital.jpg

  29. lightMortonBayFig001.jpg

  30. northAdelaideChappel002.jpg

  31. lightFromBehind-ms.jpg

  32. stPeters-tightSideOn.jpg

  33. lightAndMoon.jpg

  34. cathedralWithBridgeLight.jpg

  35. lightAndMaggie.jpg

  36. lightDawn-ms.jpg

  37. torrensPaddleBoats.jpg

  38. lightWithCloud-mWs.jpg

  39. torrensBankSunrise.jpg

  40. lightWithCloudsAndSparkle.jpg

  41. lightWithCloud-Ws.jpg

  42. cathedralAndCrossOfRemembrance.jpg

  43. lightDawn-ws.jpg

  44. lightWithCloudsAndBird.jpg

  45. birdOnABinWithMoon.jpg