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  1. Four Faces of Signapore

    The four faces of Singapore - administrative, cultural, economic and real. Read the essay

  2. Beautiful Cafe - Bangkok

    The best coffee house in Bangkok - Sukumvit Soi 11.

  3. tallBoyGroup-focus.jpg

    Tall-boy punks - or regrowth after massive firestorm.

  4. anzacDawn-priestAndChoir-SG207023.jpg

    Anzac dawn service in a small country town.

  5. naracoorte-littleHouse.jpg

    Abandoned house in SE South Australia.

  6. cycleHaircut-final-MS-SG209530.jpg

    Crew cuts for cancer research.

  7. LoggingRoad - Pine forest

    Logging road flanking a pine forest in Penola, SA.

  8. robeLighthouse-fran.jpg

    Robe lighthouse sparkling against a blue sky.

  9. bal-seatLookingAtSydneyHeads.jpg

    The harbour heads from Balmoral.

  10. rap-patCarolCurrie-SG207970.jpg

    Two auties - tribal elders in SE Queenland.

  11. jettyWide002.jpg

    Formal shot of the Henley Beach jetty.

  12. scruffieMarine-HA-WS-SG205132.jpg

    A man who builds boats on a mountain top.

  13. SeattleCBDFog.jpg

    The morning mist moving from the Puget Sound to envelope the Seattle downtown.

  14. theWell-blueBoy-SG204354.jpg

    Looking into life's vital source - The Well - a local play about power and corruption.

  15. SummersBounty.jpg

    Summer's bounty.

  16. bevanPresler-SG205905.jpg

    The face of a farmer who has seen it all and still stands proud.

  17. Church near Penola

    Church near Penola - a study in formality.

  18. wagonChains.jpg

    Chains that bind over the years.

  19. bal-morningSeat.jpg

    Two men, one seat and the dawn of a new day.