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Sydney to Tamborine Mountain

The last leg of our mini-tour I did by myself. By now I was a bit sick of photography and wanted to concentrate on farms and farm gates and what they implied about the owner / occupiers

  1. Run down farm - panorama

    A lovely vista but the farm was showing signs of ware and tear. The panorama - at this scale - is pretty hopeless at showing this.…

  2. Corporate farm gate

    For struggle-town farmers, farms gates are last-on-the list functional uctures. For wealthy corporate farmers, they seem to be hi…

  3. Back-lit white horse near Bowman NSW

    Planes of meaning

  4. Barrington Tops panorama

    It's high country here, rugged and tussocky and bloody cold in winter. There was a greymess about it even though the sun is shini…

  5. Pine Grove farm gate

    Some white paint . . . forlorn pailings but a nice made track. In a later close up of the mail and bread box, shows some rusticat…

  6. prma-nearWardRiverStation.jpg

  7. swampGrass.jpg

  8. rd-roadPastHomestead-ws.jpg

  9. fg-binGate.jpg

  10. prma-roadNearGlouster.jpg

  11. fg-hedge.jpg

  12. fg-barringtonTops.jpg

  13. rockhurstChurch-exterior-rightSide.jpg

  14. lnd-roadCurves-ws.jpg

  15. fg-whiteQueenslander.jpg

  16. fg-smallFarmlets.jpg

  17. fg-guyFawkes-ws.jpg

  18. swampPondAndGrass-alt.jpg

  19. fg-hellHole-ws-frontOn.jpg

  20. lnd-barringtonTops-rollingHills-lscp-ws.jpg

  21. fg-withCattleYards.jpg

  22. fg-guyFawkes-withBin-ws.jpg

  23. fg-farmForSale-sun.jpg

  24. roadKill-landscape.jpg

  25. rubbishyFence.jpg

  26. fg-pineGrove-mailBox-cu.jpg

  27. rockhurstChurch-interior.jpg

  28. fg-endOfTheLine.jpg

  29. wwt-barringtonTops.jpg

  30. fg-hellHole-bin.jpg

  31. rd-roadPastHomestead.jpg

  32. roadKill-portrait.jpg

  33. roadKill-ws.jpg

  34. deadCowSign.jpg